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King Of Dratan ExcelenX
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Dear warriors,

This patch we are bringing new systems: Prestige, Aladin Runes. Also we are adding new potions to help players, also a new boss in pvp channel.

- Decreased cast speed 10 to bring a better game experience animation

- Blocked wear pet p2 while mc/dc

- Auto remove pet p2 buff while mc/dc zone

- Added icons to actions show pvp ranking, gold ranking

- Added socket to accessory Ring Domination

- Blocked invisible warfare battle zone

- Add new slot accessories system Aladin Runes

- Added new prestige system

- Added new [World Boss] Chaotic Conjured to drop the runes (Aden map). Only in channel 1 respawn 15min

- Created new special accessories Aladin (blue, yellow, green, red, legendary)

- Added new potion Lock Buff Scroll 1h/7h/7days to mall

- Disabled Reborn Master Sarah npc

- Fixed OX questions new cap level, affinities etc

- Some security improvements


Patch 17/7/21

- Add daily login reward system (level min 175)

- Increase stone statue level to 190

- Fixed respawn boss Blizzard and Aragon aden to 20min

- Add new item to allow use tab to mall

- Add new item Special Experience Pet 7hours

- Fixed respawn boss Clow to 20min

- Fixed Calendar name


Event Activated!

Ends tomorrow! 17/7 ~ 18/7

2x EXP

2x Affinity points

Warfare Team


Patch 10/7/21

The anti-cheat was upgraded. Now it doesn't show icons also is not detected as virus by windows.

- Fix hit damage

- Allow castle owner get title and costume

- Increase 30% exp seeker darkness

- Fix skill cancel when using immortal buff

- Fix issue custom title

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