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Patch 18/09

This is a good new patch with a lot of new content for you warfare members!

- New battle pass system

- New time boss kill system

- New arena timed reward system

- New effect name system

- New bot system

- New guild quest system

- New warfare online coin system

- A lot of fixes and improvements

- New items added to mall/shop

- New guild quest added to npc Captain guild manager Juno

- Fixed some language string wrong

And much much more! What are you waiting for? Come back join us in the best server for private last chaos!

Download and let's go!


Hello everyone, this patch we are bringing some new systems (others servers already have, but our is better).

We also fixed some bugs and added the world boss to ch2 to allow players get runes.

- New open price feature item

- New emoji system

- New rank item system

- Daily login now show all items

- Added Chaotic World boss to channel 2

- Fixed effect chars

- Fixed investigate char runes

- Fixed Aden world map

- Fixed random DC ingame

- Fixed char password ui

- Anothers minores fixes and improvements

Warfare Team

Dear warriors,

This patch we are bringing new systems: Prestige, Aladin Runes. Also we are adding new potions to help players, also a new boss in pvp channel.

- Decreased cast speed 10 to bring a better game experience animation

- Blocked wear pet p2 while mc/dc

- Auto remove pet p2 buff while mc/dc zone

- Added icons to actions show pvp ranking, gold ranking

- Added socket to accessory Ring Domination

- Blocked invisible warfare battle zone

- Add new slot accessories system Aladin Runes

- Added new prestige system

- Added new [World Boss] Chaotic Conjured to drop the runes (Aden map). Only in channel 1 respawn 15min

- Created new special accessories Aladin (blue, yellow, green, red, legendary)

- Added new potion Lock Buff Scroll 1h/7h/7days to mall

- Disabled Reborn Master Sarah npc

- Fixed OX questions new cap level, affinities etc

- Some security improvements


Patch 17/7/21

- Add daily login reward system (level min 175)

- Increase stone statue level to 190

- Fixed respawn boss Blizzard and Aragon aden to 20min

- Add new item to allow use tab to mall

- Add new item Special Experience Pet 7hours

- Fixed respawn boss Clow to 20min

- Fixed Calendar name


Event Activated!

Ends tomorrow! 17/7 ~ 18/7

2x EXP

2x Affinity points

Warfare Team

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