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Patch Info 23/10/21

Cheers everyone! This patch bring a new pvp event called lastchaos flag!

It works simple, you have get the flag quest middle juno and go find the flag, when you find it, collect and bring to LastChaos Flag Manager middle juno to receive reward. You are not allowed to teleport to juno, you need run to the destiny to finish and receive the reward.

- Jewel 10lv pocket added to mall

- Fixed offline shop system (now you can be offline)

- Fixed some others bugs

- Pet exp P2 increased 10x

- Fixed investigate

- Fixed bot system only use skill

PVE Changes

Healer Archer: Deadline + 25% dmg

Mage Wizard: Ice Ball + 19% dmg

Titan : Uppercute +20% dmg

NightShadow: Deadly Light +22 % dmg

Sorcerer Specialist : ice pillar lv2 + 15%dmg

Sorcerer Specialist: meteor +15% dmg

Warfare Team

Patch Info 16/10/21

Cheers everyone! This patch bring a new dungeon Gate system to find who is the best player!

It works simple, you have to start a new Gate and kill 100 monsters, if you beat the best time all players will be noticed and you get the top 1 in the ranking gate.

Every weekend we will give rewards to the best times.

Also we are adding some other new systems to allow view HP number of players and the new ranking boss.

- New dungeon Gate time system

- New hp value players system

- New ranking boss kills system

- New ranking gate timer system

- Added new [World Boss] King Kong added to Juno map

- Fixed some bugs

- Fixed disconnect new zone Gate dungeon time

- Reduced HP 60% monsters new Gate zone

- Added affinity booster 8x to mall

PvP Changes

Titan Trick Swing +15% dmg

Titan Uppercute +15% dmg

Mage Ice Ball +15% dmg

Healer Deadline +15% dmg

NightShadow + 20% dmg

Warfare Team

Patch Info 09/10/21

Hello everyone, this patch we are adding two new systems!

The first one allows you use all pets buffs at once! Awesome right?!

The second one allows you investigate the stats from the enemy!

- new investigate stats enemy system

- new buff all pet skill system

- new event double drop boss

- new "[Premium] One For All" item added to mall for pet buff

- added artifact fusion npc middle aden city

- fixed description to combine seals showing 3 but is 5

- fixed seal combine

- fixed open box

- increased rate get red,green,legendary

- fixed some others bugs disconnect item tag

Warfare Team

Patch 4/10

- Jump 120 item now can used without account requirement

- Offline Shop item now is 24h duration

- Aladin rune cannot be used duplicated

- Fixed insignia buff item

- Fixed halloween quest boss

- New warfare battle map pvp!

Warfare Team

Patch Halloween 28/09/21

Hello everyone, this patch we are bringing two new systems:

- Offline shop (you can use a item and a command to become offline and keep shop open)

- New 3D Inventory view

Also we are adding halloween event with nice contents:

- New npc in juno Halloween Merchant

- New boss Halloween Ghost Warfare added to Juno and Aden

- New quests added to npc Halloween Merchant

- Reworked juno map to halloween event

And we fixed some bugs in some systems and improved some other stuffs.

I hope all enjoy! Invite your friends to this insane halloween in Warfare.

Warfare Team

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