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Patch 26/12/21

Hello dear players!

- Fixed random disconnect sometimes happen

- Fixed title dissapear when create

- Block speed to max 20 inside arena

- Fixed 3d inventory when change screen resolution

Warfare Team


Patch 20/12/21

Hello dear players!

- Added new option menu UI

- Added new functions to change view game FOV and effect distance

- Fixed guild symbol (mc, dc, others)

- Cash online now give only 30% when using offline shop (mc, dc, others)

- Reward coins now give only 2 when using offline shop

- Increased price jump potion 175 to 25k cash

- Increased price offline shop item to 600 each

- PvP changes

- Rogue -5% deadline

- Sorcer specialist -5% meteor

- Knight -4% triple

- Archer -5% deadline

- Cleric party master heal 3seconds

- NightShadow +10% deadly light

Warfare Team


Patch 14/12/21

Hello dear players!

-elementalist pets skills (the skills are giving petrify and stun) increased coldown to 5 seconds

-removed cooldown cleric skills heal

-increased cash online to 175lv

-disabled party in quest christmas boss

-added x100 jewel box (2k cash)

Warfare Team


Patch 04/12/21

Hello dear players, Welcome to Christmas!

- juno christmas change

- enabled Christmas event

- add new boss Christmas Santa Claus

- added new quest Santa Calus is Coming!

- added new quest Christmas Conquer!

- ranking gold top 20

- ranking pvp top 20

- reseted battle pass

- reseted ranking gate every month (reseted today)

- reseted summon ranking top 20

- reseted prestige system

PvP Changes

- Knight Triple +3%

- Rogue Assassin deadline -7%

- Rogue ranger deceiving -5%

- Archer deadline -7%

- Sorcerer elemental (Summon of ancient weapon) -7%

- Mage wizard iceball -5%

- Mage witch dark smog -5%

Warfare Team


Patch 29/11/21

Hello dear players, a small patch with some fixes and changes for better pvp!

- Auto remove others insignia class buff when enter arena (now you can use only your insignia). In PVE you still can use all insignia buff from other classes - Decreased to 2s heal skill cleric

- Enabled guild quest "lets go"

- Some other improvments performance to reduce lag

- Fixed dc when receive reward coin

- Removed effect malachite jewel effect to block damage

Warfare Team

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