Last Chaos - News
[1] Patch
This patch we are adding some new systems and fixing some bugs!

Check new event system:

Duration vs Event

- 60 2x Gold - All Maps
- 120 2x Affinity - All Maps
- 120 2x EXP - All Maps
- 120 2x EXP PET - All Maps
- 60 2x Boss Drop - All Maps
- 120 Drop Gold Booster - Belfist
- 120 Drop Seal Box - Teo's Tomb
- 180 Drop Advanced Grade-Reform - Procyon
- 60 Drop Jewel 13-15 - Aden
- 60 Drop Reforge Hammer - Vulcan
- 120 Drop Cube Potion - Merac

- Added new auto event system (check in inventory the current)
- Added new boss to drop items (every 3h in Juno, 30 min duration)
- Added login back when disconnect
- Fixed custom title bug creation losting seals
- Fixed battle pass bug
- Fixed block bug

Warfare Team

[1] Patch
Greetins Warfare!
This small patch we are some changes to improve event runner and more.
Added exp pet time remover to mall
Added promo code system to Estella
Fixed effect plus item
Bot captcha removed
Event runner teleport to safezone after complete 100%
Added map runner npc to map juno
[1] Patch
Greeting Warfare players. New systems were added, checkout the best LC with new content every week!

New Systems
- New event runner system
- WASD system (walk all directions). You can disable/enable in Z option
- DX9 wrapper
- View npc drop items target
- Now max 5 multiclient, you can't log more then this

Content changes
- added 86 armors to armor trader rowel
- added 85 weapons to weapon trader baran
- fixed pet statue giving damage
- decrease price exp pet booster from item mall decrease half
- now ms +30 alwasy upgrade +1
- decreased all boss respawn time to 15min
- decreased ring vulcan drop rate, was too high
- 225 weapon now can be storaged
- added insignia in exchange npc (when you change class now you can get it again)
Warfare Team
[1] Patch
Greetings Warfare players. This small patch we are adding some fixes and also new content!

Added open box + use function to right click
Added crystal exp +1 and +5 level to item mall
Increased price c1 costumes from class shop to 100kk each
Changed amount mobs vulcan quest from 100 to 50
Added dilamun as C2 costume to mall
Added new npc Wings Merchant
Added new wings Bat
Added new wings Dracula
Added new wings Snowman
Added new wings Phoenix
Fixed Seeker of darkness/botcher not appearing in tarian
Fixed boss dead bug
Fixed some spanish item names
[1] Patch
Greetings warrios of Warfare! We are close to complete 3 years and this big patch bring to you a lot new systems, content and much more!
Invite your friends and lets play the best stable server with exclusive content every week!
Checkout our changes for this big patch
New Systems

- New change class system
- New affinity system without npc - New item menu right click inventory system - New system exchange sp to stats point - New system go to npc quest using L command quest - New supreme grade reform system weapon/armor - New holy water effect always - New auto quest top 3 ranking system - New autosave skill/item for all for one system - New world chatting Content Changes

- Cap level 230
- New map Vulcan (190-230)
- New affinity vulcan
- New quests in vulcan
- Box weapon 225, armor by class 230 added to Vulcan map bosses
- Add new wings legendary
- Akan hard change to level 230
- Max upgrade now is +30 and +33 with meld/stone
- Increased max stats to 7500
- New boss in vulcan (Dark Giant Mutant, Chief Zack Kingdom, Unseelie Noble Patron, Demogorgon of Vulcan)
- Added new emblems guild
- Updated 0X questions new cap level
- New acc Ring of Vulcan and added to boss vulcan
- New title Vulcan Assassin added to vulcan affinity
- Pet max level increased to 200
- Pet buff horse increased to lvl 13
- Now we show seals in artifact of angel
- Increased bot speed attack/skill
- Increased level old quests to max 250 lvl
- Now you can summon and mount pets inside dungeons
- All classes with main skills increased +1 level
- One for all system now have a action to use all pet buffs without open ui
Item mall

- Added change class card to mall
- Added new wings to mall
- Added new costumes to mall
- Added new c2 weapons
- Added sp exchange status
- Added palpiti premium potion
- Added jump potion lv 190

- Fixed anticheat disconnect bug
- Fixed estella events
- Fixed bot icon above player
- Fixed ep use auto
- Performance improvements
And much more! Join game right now and be aware of all updates!

Warfare Team